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Sukkot: Insights from the Past, Present, and Future.

This companion guide is designed to enhance your understanding and experience of Sukkot. Find yourself immersed in a collection of thought-provoking writings by luminaries of the past, thinkers of the present, and young scholars of the future. Explore selections from the various legal and philosophical components of Sukkot, enhanced by insights from history, psychology, science, and more.


  • Rabbi Abraham Pereira Mendes (1825-1893)

  • Rabbi Hayyim David Halevy (1924-1998)

  • Rabbi Ratzon Arusi

  • Senior Rabbi Joseph Dweck

  • Dayan Ofer Livnat

  • Rabbi Hayyim Angel

  • Rabbi Shmuli Phillips

  • Rabbi Yosef Zarnighian

  • Rabbi Richard Hidary

  • Rabbi Joshua Maroof

  • and selected students of The Ḥabura


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