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Pesah: Insights from the Past, Present, and Future.

This companion guide is designed to enhance your understanding and experience of the defining festival of our nation - Pesaḥ/Passover. Find yourself immersed in a collection of thought-provoking writings by luminaries of the past, thinkers of the present, and young scholars of the future. Explore selections from the various legal and philosophical components of Pesaḥ/Passover, enhanced by insights from history, psychology, science, and more.


  • Rabbi Benjamin Artom (1835-1879)

  • Rabbi Ben-Zion Uziel (1880-1953)

  • Rabbi Ratzon Arusi

  • Senior Rabbi Joseph Dweck

  • Dayan Ofer Livnat

  • Rabbi Yitzhak Berdugo

  • Rabbi Abraham Faur

  • Rabbi Yonatan Halevy

  • Rabbi Dr. Samuel Lebens

  • Rabbi Yamin Levy

  • Professor Y. Tzvi Langermann

  • and selected students of The Ḥabura


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